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Reverse Color and Draw: Emotions Journal - From Reacting to Creating

Dive deep into a unique journey of self-awareness and creativity with the "Reverse Color and Draw" process.

  1. Introspection and Emotion Recognition: Begin with a moment of quiet reflection. Confront your emotions and identify them using the vivid Emotional Color Scale. As you jot down your feelings on the "Today's Reflection" page, you pave the way for a clearer understanding of your emotional landscape.







2. Channeling Emotions Creatively: Transitioning from introspection to expression, the Art Page awaits your touch. Immerse yourself in the therapeutic act of doodling and drawing. With the page's vibrant color, you can let your feelings guide your doodles. There's no predefined path, just the beauty of spontaneous creation.











3. Reflection and Forward Momentum: Conclude with purpose. Reflect on your emotional and artistic journey and plan your next steps. The prompts "Where am I now?" and "How will I mindfully move forward?" provide direction, ensuring that each session brings understanding and paves the way for growth.


Embrace Positivity: The journal serves a valuable purpose even when you're feeling upbeat.


By delving into positive emotions and noting their nuances, you create a reservoir of pleasant memories and sensations, strengthening your emotional foundation.


Harness this journey of introspection, creative self-care, and meditative art. Let every emotion, every color, and every line be a stepping stone towards a more harmonious and vibrant life.


Science-Backed Benefits:

  1. Neuroplasticity: Artistic activities have been shown to promote neuroplasticity, the brain's ability to reorganize and form new neural connections.

  2. Stress Reduction: Engaging in creative tasks, such as drawing or coloring, can trigger the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure and reward, helping reduce stress levels.

  3. Emotional Regulation: Reflective journaling can improve emotional regulation, aiding in the processing and managing of complex emotions.


Embrace the transformative power of "Reverse Color and Draw" and journey towards emotional clarity, balance, and well-being.

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