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Simple Steps for a Best Experience

Phase 1: Today's Reflection Page ~ Simple steps

1. Identify Your Current Emotions and Color

Look at the Emotional Color Scale. Pinpoint your emotion and its color. Note these on the 'Today's Reflection' page; answer the questions.


2. Choose a Higher Emotion and Color:

Again, refer to the scale. Pick an emotion and color that feels brighter. Write them down. Leap over emotions if you feel inclined. This is not a linear process.


3. Set Your Emotional Goal:

Focus on the scale's brighter colors. Ask: What emotion would uplift me the most? Note this and respond to the questions.


Note: This process is not linear; customize your experience. Begin with the journal, transition to the Art Page, or alternate—follow your intuition.


"Have fun and make it uniquely yours."

Phase 2: Art Page Guide - A few additional tips.

Begin anywhere as you draw and doodle around the colors and shapes.


Note: The scale helps in identifying your emotions. Transitioning to the Art Page shifts the focus to expressing emotions. Engage with all colors.


Helpful tips:

  • Mind your breath.

  • Cover the full Art Page, even the deep shades.

  • Start where you're drawn on the page.

  • No right or wrong approach exists.

  • Keep the positive insights from your Today's Reflection Page.

  • Craft uplifting affirmations and note them.

  • Write some affirmations, intentions, quotes, or love notes

to yourself using the “Reflection Cloud.”

  • Snap a photo on your phone for quick access to keep top of mind!



Recognizing emotions and maneuvering through them leads to mental clarity, wellness, and boundless potential. We engage in our emotional story through creative self-care, which fosters personal growth and strength.


The essence is to grasp, comprehend, and steer your emotions

purposefully with meditative art guiding the way.


Let's begin!

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