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The page has color; you add the lines. How deeply satisfying, but that’s not all!


The concept blends introspection with artistry. It's creative self-care at its best!


Step 1. Awareness: Navigate the Emotional Color Scale to identify your current emotion and write it on your Today's Reflection Journal page. Prompted questions are included to deepen your introspection journey and help:


  • Boosts self-awareness of emotional triggers.

  • Offers a therapeutic outlet for stress.

  • Improves emotional intelligence and relationships.



Step 2. Transition to the Art Page to doodle and draw! It’s like Meditative Art, helping you to relax and feel uplifted. In fact, doodling is anything but mindless—it offers many benefits for your mind and body! Here are just a few examples.


  • Improve Mood ~ Nathale’s art will naturally uplift you!

  • Enhance Concentration and Comprehension

  • Spark Creativity - Relieve Stress


“Combine these two potent practices and dive deep

into the realm of creative self-care” ~ Nathalie


Feeling positive? Here's why you should still practice:


Even amidst positivity, this exercise is invaluable. Explore that upbeat emotion, anchor it, and note body sensations and behaviors. By capturing these moments, you create a reference for confronting more challenging emotions later.


Harness this journey of self-discovery, creative self-care, and meditative art, letting every emotion be your muse towards a more harmonious and vibrant life.

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